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We can help you mitigate the impact of unexpected circumstances:

Business Protection


In many businesses, there may be one or two key people that make the company work. Either by contributing to cash flow, running a department or generating business. These are key people. ​When a key person in a business dies, it can have a devastating impact on the finances and operation of a business. This can be safeguarded with the right policies to ensure short and long term business continuity with a key person protection scheme.


A relevant life plan is like most other types of life insurance policies except it is more tax efficient as the premium is paid for by the business and offers tax free death-in-service protection benefits. With HMRC approval this type of policy has become one of the most cost effective life insurance plans available.


A business accident or sickness plan can be arranged by using executive income protection. Designed to pay-out a set amount to the business every month if either the owner, or an employee, are off work due to an accident or sickness, either at work or not. The plan ensures vital cashflow for the business when needed and covers the cost of sick pay expenses. Premiums are normally tax deductible and cover can extend to 75% of salary. 


A Shareholder Protection Policy would pay out a lump sum in the event of a business owner dying or being diagnosed with a defined critical illness. This would be paid to the remaining business owners and in line with a Partnership agreement signed before death, can be utilised to purchase the deceased owner / partner / shareholders shares in the business.​ Effectively, putting a will in place for the business.


Insure the individuals who have taken personal liability for the debt of the company, in the form of a bank loan. Should they fall ill or unexpectedly pass-away the bank may call in the loan. In that event, the policy would pay-out an agreed sum to cover the loan and the business remains afloat. 


Provide a group medical policy for your employees giving them peace of mind and getting them back to work as quickly as possible.

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