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We can help arrange finance for a variety of commercial purposes:


With the new tax changes being phased in over the next 3 years, investing in buy-to-lets through limited companies is becoming a popular route to market. We can help with the planning and application process.


Most often commercial mortgages are based on the type of business that you have, however most lenders will look at the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio and the mortgage can be tailored around how much capital you have to invest, meaning that we can source the best deal for you. 


With lenders tightening up affordability for buy-to-lets, we can help with your lending on portfolios - potentially moving portfolios to lenders that can not only aid in increasing your portfolio but can also maintain your LTV.


With the right advice, a business owner could use their SIPP to purchase the business’s commercial property and have the rent paid to the owners private pension. There are tax consequences from doing so and with the right planning may save you money over the longer term. Speak with your tax expert or accountant to find out more or contact us for the details of someone that can advise in these areas.

Commercial Lending


There are few lenders that offer lending for holiday lets, that is why advice in this area may save you money over the longer term. Our advisers are equipped with the experience to guide you.  

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